Ocotea: Essential Oil for Lowering Blood Sugar and for Weight Loss

Ocotea is distilled from the leaves of Ocotea Quixos tree in the forest of the Amazon. Ocotea is related to cinnamon, however its scent is different. Ocotea tastes like a blend of cinnamon and vanilla.

Lowering blood sugar is a prime benefit of using Ocotea. Ocotea is also helpful for weight loss.

Science: Ocotea lowers cortisol levels too. Cortisol is a hormone released due to stress of any kind and causes the blood sugar to rise, thus when the cortisol level is decreased the blood sugar is too.

Additional Health and Healing Uses for Ocotea

Ocotea not only lowers blood sugar, but also helps regulate the liver and balance metabolism. Ocotea also works like anti-inflammatory drugs, but without the side effects.

Ocotea is used by the peoples of the Amazon, as a local antiseptic and to decrease and eliminate diarrhea. In addition the Amazon region uses Ocotea for fungal skin infections.

Ocotea has been used to eliminate Candida, Strep, and parasites.

Ocotea is also useful to relieve stress of a long-term nature including during grief due to a death in the family or other causes of sustained grief.

Selected Research :

Ballabeni V, et al, Ocotea quixos Lam. essential oil: In vitro and in vivo investigation on its anti-inf!ammatory properties, Fitoterapia (2009), doi:10.1016/j.”tote.2009.10.002

This is the link to read this study: (note: this is a 7 page pdf file)



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